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How do I start the anatomy training?
There are two ways to start the training mode:
1.    Start training directly within a figure via the button “Training” on the navigation bar. Here, the training ends with the last figure of the subchapter you started in.
2.    Start in a figure list (e.g. chapter list, search results or bookmarks) by tapping the arrow on the right-hand side next to the title of the subchapter you want to train and select "Start Training". A new training starts with the first figure of the list and ends with the last figure in the list.

How can I improve my knowledge of anatomy with the Sobotta app?

There are two training modes:
1.    Pin mode: Match the structure name displayed in the dialogue window to the corresponding pin in the figure. Simply tap the corresponding pin with your finger.
2.    Text mode (only for iPad): One pin is marked in the figure, and you need to select the matching structure name from a list.

Can I interrupt the training?
Without cancelling the training via a dialogue, you may at any time e.g. look at other illustrations or search for terms within the app via the navigation bar. As soon as you wish to continue the training, click on the “Training” button on the navigation bar.

Where would I find my training results?
When you finish a training, the training result is displayed showing the number of trained images and giving an overview of the number of correctly or incorrectly identified structures.
An overview of the results of all previous trainings can be obtained via the button "More…" on the home screen.

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