Single illustrations, subchapters, or even complete chapters may be summarized and sorted by topic in personalized bookmarks, e.g. for tests or exams.

How do I create or edit a bookmark?
By pressing the button "Bookmarks" in the navigation bar bookmarks can be recalled, deleted, renamed or created via the button “Edit”.

How do I add an illustration to a bookmark?
You can add the figure you are currently viewing straight to an existing bookmark via the action button.
If you want to add the picture to a new bookmark, you first need to create the new bookmark by pressing the button "Bookmarks". Then close the dialogue and save the figure in the corresponding bookmark via the action button.

Moreover, you may add a complete subchapter to a bookmark. In order to do this, display subchapters by clicking on the relevant chapter in the chapter overview. Tap the arrow on the right-hand side of the subchapter bar – and a dialogue box pops up. Then press “Add to Bookmarks” and select the bookmark you want to add it to – and the subchapter is saved there.

How can I access my bookmarks?
Press the button "Bookmarks" in the navigation bar to display an overview of your bookmarks. To open a bookmark, click on the title.

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